Find Your Spotlight in any Party with HiFuture's MusicBox 300!

Find Your Spotlight in any Party with HiFuture's MusicBox 300!

When it comes to throwing the ultimate party, nothing sets the stage like the perfect sound system. The all new MusicBox 300 speaker from HiFuture’s karaoke speaker series, transforms any gathering into a spectacular event. With a combination of high-powered audio, stunning visual effects, and user-friendly features, the MusicBox 300 is your perfect partner for being the pop star of any party.

Perfect setting for your vibe

Imagine having full control over your music’s sound quality. With the MusicBox 300, this is a reality. Its powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and multi-band EQ settings allow you to fine-tune the audio output to your exact liking. You can choose Indoor Balance EQ, Outdoor 3D EQ, or Bass Boost EQ to suit your preferences.

What’s a party without a bigger sound?

MusicBox 300 speaker boasts an impressive 150W output, ensuring that your music is heard loud and clear. This powerful output provides unparalleled sound power and clarity, making it the ultimate choice for your parties and events.

Light up your party

Every great party needs an ambiance that matches the vibe. The MusicBox 300 features vibrant RGB lighting that syncs with your music, creating a dynamic visual experience. These colourful lights add an extra layer of excitement to your party, turning any space into a dance floor.

Karaoke singing sessions have always been a crowd favourite, and with the MusicBox 300, you’re ready to rock the stage. It comes with dual UHF wireless mics, allowing you and your friends to sing your hearts out. The included remote control and a strap makes it easy to carry and manage your music, volume, and lighting effects from a distance, ensuring that your performance is flawless.

The built-in wireless microphones provide the convenience of making or receiving calls, allowing you to have hands-free conversations. This feature is perfect for staying connected with friends and family during your events without missing a beat.

Enjoy more music, more sound

Streaming your party playlist has never been easier! The MusicBox 300 uses advanced wireless 5.3 technology for better audio and battery efficiency. Plus, with True Wireless Stereo, you can pair two MusicBox speakers for an immersive, stereo audio output. Portability is key for any great party speaker, and the MusicBox 300 is designed with this in mind. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, wherever you go, this speaker ensures that the party goes with you.

Its impressive 18000mAh battery ensures long-lasting performance for your biggest events. Additionally, it features a built-in power bank with 5V/1A output and 5V/3A input, allowing you to keep your devices charged and the music playing non-stop. With HiFuture’s MusicBox 300, you have everything you need to be the pop star of your party. From powerful audio and stunning visual effects to convenient features and portability, the MusicBox 300 is your ultimate party companion.

Get ready to steal the spotlight and make every event unforgettable with HiFuture’s MusicBox 300.

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