Adventure & Party Speaker: Gravity, 45W Wireless Portable Speakers

Adventure & Party Speaker: Gravity, 45W Wireless Portable Speakers

Imagine you’re going away for a while to the beaches or the mountains, and just the night before you leave, you ask yourself this question, What should I pack for adventure? What would be your response? 

At times, you’d be overthinking it. Four pairs of footwear. A fedora hat, your PSP, board games, card games, and also a raincoat. Other times, you’d be confused between two choices. Should I carry a torch or will my smartphone suffice? My smartwatch or the classic Casio? My towel or would I be using the bathrobe?  

But if there’s one thing that you would always pack for certain, it is your music. Let’s be real here – your music is the perfect companion for drives along winding roads, sundown beach vibes, or camping atop a hilltop. Wherever your next adventure is headed, you will always make space for your music.  

Why keep your rocking playlist to yourself when you can turn it into an epic background score for your adventure? The new HiFuture’s Gravity speakers are not merely rugged in name. They are a snug fit for your travel bag, and just the right amount of groovy to make your travel pics Insta-worthy. And of course, the most important thing – their tough built and long-lasting battery life match your stride, whether on a beach or a hike or on a downtown walk!

Gravity is a whole new vibe to your adventure vacation!

The device delivers a 360° immersive sound experience and electrifying ambient light show under an upgraded sleek surface.

Dual Impact immersive sound

Gravity is engineered with a larger passive radiator and acoustic volume for deeper bass, as well as a powerful 30W woofer component focused on delivering mid-low frequency sound and an added 15W tweeter for an authentic and purer sound that is perfect for hangouts and gatherings.  

Durable Battery & Waterproof

Gravity portable speakers hold a durable playtime on a single charge. Moreover, IPX7 waterproof technology ensures the speaker can handle any environment such as poolside, beach, or dusty mountains. Through the HiFuture booster feature, the users can connect another Gravity device to produce dual impact sound and create the vibe to the maximum. 

RGB LED Lights to level up the vibe

Gravity aims to bring music to the next level with its powerful audio components. The device expresses individuality through RGB Led Lightshow to enhance the appearance of the device. 

Now you know why it’s impossible to leave this beauty out for any trip. All we can say is…your backpack better have a slot for it. Time to tick off those destinations from your bucket-list…in the most acoustically awesome way ever. 


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