FlyBuds3 True Wireless Earbuds: One that will boggle your mind

FlyBuds3 True Wireless Earbuds: One that will boggle your mind

A true audio lover knows the vitality of good audio gear. The audio device has the power to make or break your music mood high. Today, “immersive” is not just a keyword, it is an experience that we all strive for in all walks of life. Why should music be left behind?

Newly launched, FlyBuds3 true wireless earbud is the most-ever experience that lets you hear sound without boundaries. With just a simple double-tap, you can control audio and receive calls. The feature is available in some of our recently launched best wireless earbuds too. The first-of-its-kind audio feature immerses you in a captivating, real-world like sound experience. With drivers that are exclusively tuned for 3-dimensional accuracy, FlyBuds3 offers a surround sound solution like never before!

Deeper Dive into the feature

Environmental Noise Cancellation

You think the earbuds sound is enough? Well, we just made it much improved with ENC technology embedded in it. FlyBuds3 environmental noise cancellation tech adjusts ambient noise and cuts out unwanted sound. The feature signs off the background noises of traffic horns, ambient noise, machine whirrings

Strong Battery 

Never running out of gadget juice is the best feeling ever, right? If you are in for the long haul, then stay entertained with a mammoth 30 hours of battery life on your new FlyBuds3. That is almost 4X more juice than previous FlyBuds devices. The earbuds hold a backup to 60 minutes of quick charging features.

High Survival Instincts

If your favourite adventures and fitness goals know no boundaries, why should your choice of earbuds be stopping you? FlyBuds3 brings IPX5 water resistance to the table, meaning you’ve got the perfect sweat-it-out and make it sound like a good partner. The best earbuds that have longevity to brag about? 

No Lags, no glitches

We take out upgrades seriously, and so should you. The latest Wireless 5.3 connection on the FlyBuds3 ensures quick, seamless and more robust tethering to your smart device so that you get the most amazing sound quality wirelessly- no lags, no glitches!

Easy touch controls

Best can only get better if it can keep up with the latest swanky tech trends- and ‘easy touch controls’ is certainly one of them. Enjoy a true handsfree experience with unbridled convenience by controlling your music and sound with simple, intuitive touches on FlyBuds3 earbuds. Add to that one-touch voice assistant, and we have something remarkable to surprise you.

It’s time to upgrade your audio experience and get your hands on FlyBuds3 to feel maximum. 

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