We Have A Solution For An "Am I Audible?" With 4 Mic Calling System

We Have A Solution For An "Am I Audible?" With 4 Mic Calling System

Are you someone who faces this issue whenever you're on a call or attending a meeting? We understand how annoying that is, so we came up with a solution by providing a 4 mic calling system to our TWS- Earbuds.

Well as mentioned audibility can depend on your network but what if you're using the faster network and yet you're facing this issue? then the earbuds or headphones come into the action. Normally the brands use 1 or 2 microphones in their earbuds and that can cause your audibility so HiFuture understands the importance of your friends and family and your work meeting that's why we came up with the idea of the 4 mic calling system.

Now let's try to understand how this 4 mic calling system works and how this will benefit us.

What is a 4 mic calling system?

The 4 mic calling system of earbuds works in real-time and gives superb audio quality during a call by canceling out any background noise. Well, as mentioned in the name, it provides 4 mics in earbuds and 2 on each earbud. so you can talk without interruption.

Benefits of 4mic Calling System

The foremost feature users necessarily require is a 4 mic calling system. Using this feature helps you get clear audio during calls in both ways. It cancels all possible background noise and makes your call audio quality superior and efficient.

HiFuture’s two power-packed products FlyBuds PRO and SmartPod 2 has implemented a 4mic calling system technique that cancels all the external noise. Let’s forget those days of facing mic distraction and disturbance in calling. We guarantee you to perform comfortable communication with HiFuture.

We, at HiFuture, are constantly working on resolving the issue of microphones and coming up with a conclusion of transforming the quality of a 4mic calling system that offers effective wind noise reduction on calls and advanced speakers that are just 6mm in size with ambient sound experience. One of our strong products named SmartPods 2, has been positively delivering the quality with multi-functionalities of desirable ENC & Gaming in-ear TWS earbuds, Wireless V5.0, and IPX5 Waterproof.

How to use 4 mic calling system earbuds?

Using tws Wireless earbuds, the device can sync with your smartphone, tablet, computer, and even your smart home system. Smart earbuds have both speakers and microphones built-in so you can use voice activation and capabilities to communicate with your smart devices.

When synced with your smartphone, you can answer calls with your smart earbuds, listen to messages, listen to the news, get updates on the weather, and stream music from any music library app. HiFuture smart 4 mic calling system earbuds have gesture recognition, so answering an incoming call can be as easy as nodding “yes” to answer or shaking your head “no” to decline. 

The Final Word

It’s time to upgrade your audiophilia and your passion using HiFuture best smart TWS earbuds. The brand has multiple products with slight upgrades to feel the most music ever!

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