New Launch: Reinvented FutureGo MIX2 Smartwatch

New Launch: Reinvented FutureGo MIX2 Smartwatch

“A way to have an easy life.” 

If that wouldn’t be a tagline we go with our newbie FutureGo MIX2 smartwatch we would have been disappointed and disgraced. The efforts turned positive when we got an opportunity to create our innovation in the smartwatch. A few exceptional features of the smartwatch made the tagline stand true.

As we aimed to offer a hassle-free lifestyle to our dear users, the idea of innovating FutureGO MIX2 was raised by our team. No sooner we brainstormed with our experts on innovating the most comfortable smartwatch we found three exceptional features which we must involve. 

Let’s figure out the exceptional features that offer absolute comfort in routine life and sound life a little easy and joyous.

Maximized Viewing Experience

The users don’t seem to be satisfied with the display. As the technology is almost on the top to surprise users with every possible comfort, glitches are still revolving around users' disappointments. The users mostly face challenges in screen viewing in daylight in sunny weather. The visibility is falling short, and the struggle is constant. 

Newness we involved in FutureGo MIX2

That’s when we took up a challenge to offer the best display quality by combining every possible technology. FutureGo MIX2 lets you indulge in everyday routine activities with maximum clarity over the 1.43-inch AMOLED Display full-touch high-sensitivity screen crafted to perfection for the snappiest experience. The smartwatch is committed to experiencing every little detail better than ever. Most of it, FutureGo Mix2 is a cherry on the top when we get to involve the most desired feature for our users; Always On Display to cater to every notification and never stay behind an important display.

Reinvented Bluetooth Calling

Most smartwatches have an in-built dual chipset which tends to cause pairing troubles. However, by eliminating one channel, Bluetooth connections can be made smoother. There is no additional step to connect a smartphone to a smartwatch. This also helps when it comes to calling and makes it disturbance free, and reduces the connection breaks from zero to none. 

Newness we involved in FutureGo MIX2

Bluetooth calling watches have a fully integrated calling function. It means that they must behave like a phone and throw out the best audio clarity when it comes to attending calls. We made it possible to offer you crystal-call audio using next-gen technologies. No matter whether you are in a crowded surrounding or low network area, FutureGo MIX2 is something that won’t poke you with interrupted calls.

Show up the best Metallic Finish Look

Good looks matters. The metallic finish of the sides and the rear panel adds a touch of elegance to the watch, and the sensors are placed in a metal panel that further enhances the look even better. The watch is available in three colors, including Raven Black, Solace Gray, and Sunshine Orange. 

Add-on Features

The idea was to reinvent a versatile smartwatch that combines high technology and plenty of features that don’t stop users from doing things, FutureGo MIX2 is built with IP68 waterproof technology, durable battery life, blood oxygen, and heart rate monitoring, and 60+ sports mode in just a tiny looking smartwatch. 

We leave you to explore more features in the smartwatch and closely experience them in your routine. Explore now!

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